SB Creamery is a crafting of organic nuts, mainly cashews, which are soaked, blended, cultured and fermented. The cheese is either flavored and packaged for sale as fresh cheese, or it is flavored, pressed into wheels and placed in a wine cellar for long-term aging. The wheels are aged many months and treated as a traditional washed-rind style cheese; during the aging period the cheese’s are continually flipped, salted and wiped to control mold and moisture. Flavor varieties of the wheels include: sage, black garlic, moral mushroom, truffle, smoked cumin and tomato. Some of the wheels are also used to make bloomy-rind or brie style cheese, which although cashew-based contain trace amounts of dairy from the white mold used to innoculate them. Overall, the entire process is done by hand with extreme care and precision and many details like freshly milled salt and utilizing local ingredients are standard.